1. Happy Ending

From the recording One Beautiful Place

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Happy Ending

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The turnaround song of a lifetime:
It's all about a crazy kid
hit the wall, thought that he'd
left the game, his record oh and one.

He ran around 'n' overthrew
every rule he ever knew:
underneath an avalanche,
avalanche of fun.

When all alone was like
falling with a stone
somehow he found a love
that came with all in all of the above.

When rainbows follow thunder planting miracles:
they tell you something:

Every love
owns a new surrender
so he don't care what
time or fate intended;
gonna have a happy ending.

Today he's skipping to the beat,
good with everyone he meets,
spending free, his pockets full of rhymes...

He'll sing a song that never ends,
all about a solid friend:
someone to be counted on, counted every time.

With all the years they will always be together
there can be no goodbye that will ever ever be forever

When rivers keep on running after waterfalls,
they tell you something:

Every love
owns a new beginning
so they don't care what
anyone intended;
they will have a happy ending.

Have a happy ending!