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Russell Blalack, with a background in both theater and music, is developing a unique pop music he calls Rap-Aria. The Rap is from the fast-paced narrative style of the verses and the Aria is from the lifting, lilting melody of the choruses. This most poignant example of this genre is the song "Happy Ending", track 4 of the album One Beautiful Place.  

With the subtitle Twelve Days In A Life, the album contains 12 important stories that touch the lives of people in their most important moments and situations. It's the human condition expressed with poetic brevity and insight together with great melodies and fresh musical production, available on iTunes, Amazon, etc July 12.  

After shows and tours in America Europe and Africa, Russell has been off the road for years and focused on studio work, his family, and living right.

Russell wrote several soundtracks, arranged into a suite and released as the album Dreams Without Pictures. 

Films/Videos: The Wish , The Naming Party, Triptych, Ult Akalula aka When GPS Dream, Run! It's the Poo-lice, Intersection, Three Moves/Three More Moves (acting), Êtes-vous malades? (acting), etc.

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